Suicide Bomber

Good morning everyone! Before I introduce this poem I feel as though I should warn you. The title has probably already given you this feeling but "Suicide Bomber" is a bit darker than "Deeper". It was not named this way because of violence but because the metaphor best fit the content and purpose of the … Continue reading Suicide Bomber


5 Minute Friday: culture

I have always loved culture, not just the abstract idea but what it looks like and how it affects people. I mean how can a person who grew up overseas not love culture? For me personally my culture is very ingrained in me, so much so that I often do not notice when it appears. … Continue reading 5 Minute Friday: culture

Disney’s Tomorrowland – Scaring Adults or Revealing Truth

This article was written four years ago....WOW FOUR YEARS AGO!!!! But I wrote it soon after having watched the movie. It was funny, engaging, and challenging. The challenging feature of it was one that I enjoyed the most and it was really the inspiration for this "article". I've attached the trailer below in case you … Continue reading Disney’s Tomorrowland – Scaring Adults or Revealing Truth